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Interlocking entry control systems


Personnel lock systems: Separation systems are structural systems for controlling access to a room or an area

These systems allow people to be controlled and checked according to their authorisation,
while granting access in an orderly fashion.           
The separation systems include turnstiles, crosses and gateways as well as sensor and personnel interlock systems. Separation systems are often used in conjunction with access control systems. They are mainly used for the safety and control of paid entrance fees.
The following are types of separation systems:
Turnstiles, turnstile barriers, sensor interlock systems, personnel interlock systems are booths with access doors.
The layout of the entry control system can be round or square and
is usually designed so that there is only enough room for one person at a time.

There are several ways to make sure that only one person is in fact in the entryway:
Contact mats in the entryway, photoelectric barriers and scales.

An even higher security level can be achieved by installing a biometric verification system in the entryway. Through verification of characteristics such as fingerprints or facial recognition, it can be ascertained whether the person is actually entitled to pass through the lock.

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(1 and 2 passageways)
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