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Cable protectors

Cable protectors are used in different places. Take a closer look at our various offers if you are looking to buy excellent cable protectors exclusively from specialists. We can also offer you a variety of products in this area that you will find very impressive. If you are looking for an expert partner who regularly provides you with fantastic tried and tested safety and barrier solutions, you can always count on H.M.R.


Buying high-quality cable protectors made easy

Take advantage of this exceptional and above all cost-efficient opportunity to purchase your favourite cable protectors. And if you are not sure which cable protector you need, we can help you. Simply call our service hotline at +49 (0) 2307/99 48 60 or send your enquiry by email to(info@hmr-gmbh.com) when you want to install a cable protector.
Use for:
  • Major events
  • Road traffic
  • Office
  • Other occasions
We'll provide you with the right products at a low price.

Cable protectors and other safety measures

If you would like information about the different cable protectors and/or you would like to buy a fence for your construction site,we have the right solution for you. When you are looking for good quality at a good price, you have come to the right place at H.M.R.
Our portfolio includes drive over protection with three and five channels for cables and hoses. We have all the details listed on our website for each cable protector. If further information is required, our experts can always take care of your request.
If you would like to buy safe cable protectors, you cannot pass on the attractive offers at H.M.R.