Construction roads


Ground protection for extremely heavy loads

In addition to standard floor systems, we also offer custom-engineered floor systems for the most varied requirements. We have developed the most sensible and economical solution together with our customers. Depending on your requirements, customised inserts as well as particular stress levels allow you to select the right system from our product group.

As a mobile road, our floor systems allow a fast, secure and flexible infrastructure on unsurfaced ground and are ideal for parking, storage spaces and working platforms in heavy terrain. Ground protection tiles are efficient, cost effective and are for professional use. Avoid high reclamation costs and damage to vehicles and machines.

All models are easy to install, ensure high safety levels, are weatherproof and non-slip and heat and frost-resistant.
With a surface resistance of up to 1,000 t/m², this floor system is ideal for construction roads or work platforms, both temporarily as well as for long-term use. Variable and rapidly laid, connected with stable shackles.

Our large selection of support plates, sizes, anchors and connections allows us to meet individual customer requirements. Special curve plates are available for radii.

  • Temporary access roads for heavy and the heaviest devices (mobile cranes)
  • Temporary parking areas and access roads
  • Working platforms for drilling, construction and hoisting and conveying engineering
  • Construction and renovation measures
  • Events

Temporary road for heavy goods vehicles:
A combination of different raw materials (material mix) allows you to replace conventional ground systems like excavator mats and roads made of steel plates or similar material.

This system is much easier and can be laid quickly. The relatively low weight of the plates means that the loading capacity of a lorry can be used more efficiently. Transport costs can be significantly reduced.

Technical features:
  • Heavy-duty flexible plate for heavy equipment and work platforms
  • Anti-slip and stable, long service life
  • Faster assembly and dismantling, reusable
  • Connection of individual plates by stable shackle coupling