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Traffic safety at construction sites

If you need top-quality products for traffic safety at construction sites, we have the right products for you. Have a look at the respective sections on our website at your leisure and check out the barriers we have available. We are very well positioned in this area and can respond quickly and flexibly to all demands.

H.M.R. has a wide selection of products that will help you find the ideal form of construction site protection to meet your needs.

We are your professional partner in the area of efficient traffic control and we can offer the following products:
  • Safety barriers
  • Delineators
  • Traffic cones
  • Warning lights
  • Ground anchors

Traffic safety on construction sites - made to measure barriers from the professionals

With our broad portfolio of products and our long-standing experience in the area of barrier technology, we meet the most diverse requirements and thus ensure efficient traffic control at construction sites. If you need high-quality barriers, you will definitely find the right product with us- tailored to your needs as well as your specific construction site.

If you have further questions about our offers, please do not hesitate to contact us. At H.M.R. GmbH we are here for guidance and support. Simply call us or send your enquiry by email. We will respond to requests quickly and make sure that your sites are safe. Traffic safety on construction sites - You can rely on us.